The Endowment Fund


Stewardship is something that we all need to be concerned about as Christians.  We struggle with trying to be good stewards of the gifts that have been entrusted to us.  The parish asks, “How can we help our people to be good stewards of their gifts?  How can we, as a parish, be good stewards of the gifts entrusted to us?”

 In response to these basic Christian concerns, the vestry of St. Matthew’s was moved to establish the St. Matthew’s Endowment Fund.  The sole purpose of the fund is to further the ministry of Christ both inside and outside the parish.  It is one of many ways we have of exercising the stewardship of our gifts.


Gifts and property of any size will be received by the fund.  At the present time the fund is being managed by Wells Fargo Advisors.  The Executive and Finance Committees of the parish, in consultation with the firm, direct the investment of the fund.  The principal of the fund is not used but is invested.  Only the earnings of the fund may be distributed by the vestry.


 The use of the income from the principle of the fund is determined by the rector, wardens and vestry.  The use of the fund’s income falls into three main categories:

 A.)  capitol improvements to the church, Guild Hall, or rectory

B.)  gifts to church-related people or institutions

C.)  operating budget of the church, in which case no more than 5% of the total operating budget can be taken from this fund

 Always, the end result of the fund must be to bring more people to Christ through the work of the church.  The single purpose of the fund is to further Christ’s ministry through St. Matthew’s Church.


The Endowment Fund allows you to participate in the work of Christ’s church beyond your lifetime – indefinitely.  The extent to which you choose to participate in this fund is between you and God.  The rector can help you in formalizing your gift, whether the effective date of participation is in your lifetime or as specified by your will.