Haiti Project

The Haiti Project is an outreach ministry of the Episcopal Dioceses of Milwaukee. We partner with others from all walks of life who share the belief that education, clean water, access to medicine, & compassion are basic human necessities.

St. Matthew’s proudly supports the following initiatives of the Haiti project:

Coffee  The Haiti Project uses and sells Haitian coffee in the Dioceses of Milwaukee and Eau Claire because it’s a win-win.  Haiti’s economy is supported and the project raises money for our work in Jeannette.  Over $40,000 has been raised over the years just by drinking coffee.  Moreover, we buy coffee from Singing Rooster — a wonderful, non-profit organization doing great work in Haiti.  Singing Rooster meets and exceeds the principles of fair trade.2014-bag

Singing Rooster coffee is used across the Episcopal Dioceses of Wisconsin at fellowship hour, and parish-level Roosters (coffee-volunteers) hold special sales at fund raising events, church bazaars, holiday fairs and when the bishop makes a visit.


St. Marc’s Episcopal School  The largest single commitment at St. Marc’s School is education: building the schools, paying the teachers, and providing textbooks and school supplies.  Today, St. Marc’s has more than 550 students-preschool through 12th grade. St. Matthew’s is supporting 2 students so that they can attend school.  The average education level for most Haitian adults is 3rd grade, and only 25% go on to secondary school. Most younger children in Jeanette do not have books of their own.

Pretty in pink_MThey share textbooks in school. Paper is also limited. Typically, teachers write lessons on chalkboards and children learn through repetition and memorization.

 When a crisis arises, such as drought, hurricane, or earthquake,  the Emergency Relief Fund allows the Haiti Project to assist with funding for additional food, clothing, and medical care . When there are no active emergencies, your  donation helps fund Haiti Project initiatives with the greatest need.