Parish Health Ministry

The parish nurse combines the knowledge and skills of nursing practice with an understanding of the spiritual and religious beliefs that underlie health.  With one foot in the spiritual world of the church and one foot in the physical world of medicine, parish nurses minister in ways that reunite the mind, body and spirit, addressing and embracing the relationship between the visible and invisible.
The Role of the Parish Health Ministry:
Health Counselor:
    * Discusses health concerns
    * Makes home, hospital and nursing home visits
    * Advocates for individuals by offering knowledge of options for health
    * Supportive presence as members make life choices
    * Bereavement support
Health Educator:
    * Promotes a holistic approach to health & healing
    * Promotes physical, mental and spiritual well-being
Facilitator/Referral Source:
    * Acts as a liaison with community resources and services
    * Helps identify health and wellness needs
    * Coordinates resources within the congregation
    * Facilitates volunteers within the congregation to meet the needs of other members
Resource Person regarding:
    * Community services
    * Holistic health information
    * Options for care
Parish Nurse Activities:
    * Coordinates programs and volunteers from the congregation to carry out the health ministry
    * Visits in the hospital, home, nursing home or other residential facility
    * Assistance with discharge planning from a facility
    * Confidential consultation
    * Bereavement support
    * Wellness education for all ages
    * Advance Directives for Health Care: Living Will, Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare
    * Presence and prayer
    * Life transition planning
    * Counseling and assistance with adjustment to chronic disease, terminal illness & disability
All care provided by the parish nurse and the health ministry staff is confidential.
Contact Information for parish nurse, Lynn Heller:
    * Cellular Phone: 262-496-8124
    * Church Office: 262-654-8642